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Tankless Toilet Pros and Cons

Tankless Toilet Pros and Cons One of the new innovation now in toilets is the tankless units. This type of toilet is more than just a modern looking toilet. They offer more than just having a streamlined design and not all homes can accommodate one. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of this kind of toilet.

One of the biggest pros of the tankless toilets is that it obviously takes up much less space than a traditional toilet with a tank. When it takes up less space then this will result to more space in the bathroom. If the bathroom is small then a tankless toilet will be a great fit in that. Its having less space would also mean that one would have to clean less toilet space as well. This will make the job of cleaning a tankless toilet much easier compared to cleaning a traditional toilet.

Another tankless toilet pro is that it will use much less water compared to its standard counterparts. This will then lead to a lowered water bill each month which when you add up can give one huge saving over the course of the year.

Now while there are certain pros to using a tankless toilet this cannot be easily installed in any home. There needs to be a certain infrastructure present in the home for the tankless toilet to be placed there.

One of the cons of using a tankless toilet is that it will obviously have a much higher upfront cost as opposed to buying a traditional toilet. A standard toilet will typically be a few hundred dollars while the tankless toilet can rack up to a thousand dollars in upfront cost. So one would have to fork out more in order to get this kind of toilet.

Another tankless toilet con is that it has installation requirements that are demanding. For one to work it needs to be connected to plumbing that has high pressure of water. Because of this, it is often found in commercial buildings where there is a high pressure of water that can be found in its plumbing. On the other hand, most residential homes do not meet this high-pressure water requirement. If a tankless toilet is installed in a home with a standard pressure of water this can lead to damaged pipes with prolonged use. Of course one can choose to retrofit the home’s plumbing in order to accommodate this toilet type. But this would be an expensive endeavor and that is the reason why only the modern homes that are owned by those who have deep pockets are able to have such type of toilet installed in them.

If you are wondering if this toilet is appropriate for your home then you need to think long and hard about its pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself it would suit your home the best. And whatever toilet that you choose you to need to research all your options about it before buying one.  


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